When doing an interior remodeling project construction dust gets everywhere. It can even linger around for months after your remodeling project is complete. Unmanaged , it can cause health issues for your family and pets. Dust is not only a nuisance ; it can also damage home electronics ,
appliances , clothing, furniture and much more.

We know offer the BuildClean HEPA vac filtration system with every interior remodel. It’s a small compact portable unit that has a 360-degree design that eliminates 90% of airborne dust.

The quality care we take in our workmanship and our new dust control system makes for a positive experience with Gaines Construction.

Mary S. – We just a complete kitchen remodel and the Build Clean system was a wonderful experience. I am the mother of two small children and it was very comfortable knowing the fact that my children were not at any health risk. It was great having my home be virtually dust free and my kitchen looks great!

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