The Old Pilot House

The Old Pilot House which is located in the Village of Southport Connecticut is an interesting compliment to Southport’s historic register. Reputed to be an actual pilot house from vessel that foundered off the shoreline many years ago, it has been greeting mariners as they make their way to and from Southport’s quaint little harbor. The structure, renovated by Gaines Construction Inc., stands strong today.

Never having more than a very simple loose stone foundation, the entire structure was lifted up with a crane and placed on a temporary platform nearby where it was then completely disassembled leaving little more than just the roof.

Where very thin wood supports had once been a thin steel skeleton was designed for strength. Each curved window sash was removed and restored to its original condition including each individual pane of irregular antique glass. The original rope and weight system that allowed the window sashes to gently glide down and into the wall below were converted to nylon coated stainless steel cable and the pulleys were changed from their original cast iron to brass to resist the affects of the sea air.

Every piece of trim, originally made of pine, was re-made in mahogany and pre-treated with oil primer before being re-constructed.

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