GOING GREEN is in – and there are many ways to make your home more energy efficient.   Saving energy not only helps our environment, but it also can help YOU save money!  Check out this new and energy efficient way of insulating your attic stairs.

The Energy Guardian has 4 side wall panels (with a R-39 insulating value) with an air tight, seal lid that can easily open and close.  There are 4 different kits you can choose from depending on what type of attic you have.  All of the Energy Guardian Kits are made in the USA with recycled materials!

The Energy Guardian has:

  • A R-39 Insulating Value ( the higher the R-Value – the greater resistance to winter heat loss or summer heat gain)
  • Revolutionary Air Seal – which replaces outdated methods of weather-stripping and gaskets that fail over time
  • The lid is easy to move and can be replaced
  • 20 year warranty!
  • Proven to work and last

** Gaines Construction is now offering a pre Spring special 0f $499.00 (8′ ceiling & unobstructed access) to Install the The Energy Guardian in your home.  Call us today for more details or questions on how we can help make your home more energy efficient!


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