Feeling boxed in by a drab kitchen? Need more storage room or better appliances? Are mobility challenges affecting how you navigate your current spaces? A renovation may solve these issues, but you need to think outside the box as you craft your new space. Before you begin your custom kitchen remodeling project, keep a few tips in mind.


Determine Your Objectives

It’s important to evaluate why you want to remodel in the first place. If you plan to stay in your home for several more years, don’t concern yourself with a resale-focused renovation. Instead, create a space that suits your needs.


Research Costs and Set Your Budget

Labor, materials, shipping and delivery can all add up. Research the associated costs and to be safe, add 10 percent to your initial estimated budget.


Choose a Beautiful and Functional Layout

Your current space may hold a few clues when selecting a new layout. Some common layout styles include:


  • One-wall kitchen
  • Galley, with two parallel walls
  • L-shaped, featuring two walls that connect at a corner
  • Horseshoe, with a three-walled space
  • Island, with a freestanding central counter in the middle
  • Peninsula, in which a counter separates the kitchen from other spaces


You may be able to remove walls if your current structure will support it. However, this can add several thousand dollars to the price of your remodel. Also, don’t overlook the classic kitchen triangle in your workspace. The lines between sink, stove and refrigerator should form a small triangle with unimpeded movement.


Don’t Forget the Details

Part of the fun is selecting new cabinetry, appliances, wall treatments, flooring and other kitchen details. Feel free to look online for ideas, but don’t limit yourself. Consider unique upgrades that will make your life easier and bring you joy.


Hire the Right Contractor

As you decide how approach your custom kitchen remodeling, remember to select an experienced contractor. A trustworthy renovation company will work with you to select a design and upgrade options that fir your home and budget.

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